The Ambassador

4 - The Ambassador, from Danish director Mads Brügger - a darkly comic, genre-bending piece of film journalism from the international provocateur, which attempts to expose the global scheme of political corruption and exploitation happening in the Central African Republic. 

Armed with a phalanx of hidden cameras, black-marked diplomatic credentials and a bleeding-edge wit, Bruegger transforms himself into an outlandish caricature of a European-African Consul. As he immerses himself in the life-threatening underworld of nefarious bureaucrats, Bruegger encounters blood diamond smuggling, bribery, and even murder--while somehow managing to crack amazing razor-sharp barbs at every steps along the way. From each absurdly terrifying/hilarious situation to the next, The Ambassador is a one-of-a-kind excursion from the man whom The Huffington Post called "the most provocative filmmaker in the world."

As you might have guessed, the film drew a bit of controversy around the time of its release - controversy covered on this blog last year. In short, the government took legal action against Brügger, because he allegedly used a fake diplomatic title - "Consul General and Ambassador-At-Large" accredited to the Central African Republic – when shooting The Ambassador. And with that, the Government launched a full-scale investigation into how he managed to accomplish this..

The government also wasn't too pleased with the portrait the documentary paints of the country, essentially as one that's destructively corrupt.

Now you get to see it firsthand.

Trailer follows: