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5 Netflix Streaming Titles You May Not Know Are Available & May Want To Check Out (8/29/13)

by Tambay A. Obenson
August 29, 2013 12:54 PM
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Filly Brown

The Hip Hop drama Filly Brown premiered last year's Sundance Film Festival, where it received favorable reviews, especially for its relatively unknown lead Gina Rodriguez (Our Family Wedding

Written by Youssef Delara and directed by Delara and Michael D. Olmos, the film also stars Jenni Rivera, Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos.

Here's a full synopsis:

Maria Jose 'Majo' Tonorio is a tough LA street poet who spits from the heart. After meeting a talented DJ she cuts her first demo under the guidance of a small time hustler more interested in promoting Majo's sexuality than her lyrics. Soon a major label and its strong-arm executive come calling. Convinced that a record deal will deliver much needed money for the family, Majo is suddenly faced with some stark choices. Does she accept the deal and turn her back on the friends who got her to the precipice of success or does she let a golden opportunity slip away.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

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  • Vichus | August 31, 2013 11:09 AMReply

    Man, that freelancers poster. The worst 'shop job I've seen in a while

  • Bforreal | August 30, 2013 7:59 PMReply

    For some reason I just can't muster up much energy for any item on this list. I gave up on A Haunted House 20 mins into it. It is just unnecessarily raunchy (even for a Wayans film) and plain unfunny.

  • somerset | August 30, 2013 10:00 AMReply

    I'll definitely be checking out Somebody's Child, but am I alone in being surprised that Lynn Whitfield is playing the mother of Michael Jai White. They look more like a couple instead of mother and son.

  • Ivy | September 3, 2013 1:45 AM

    Somerset, thought it was just me. Ms Whitfield far too young looking to be playing their mother. Bad casting in my view.

  • Jake-ann | August 30, 2013 6:37 AMReply

    Actually, I appreciate the heads up about movies by and with people of color, regardless of whether they're good or not. I think it's useful and valuable to get a sense of the wide variety of movies that are being given a platform on an outlet like Netflix. I'm sure I'm not the only person who hasn't heard of these films, and I'm always interested to know what's out there. And I think since the writer makes it plain they're not advocating for the films, just informing us about them, it's worthwhile. I don't really know why anyone would bother to be critical of a service that seeks to inform all viewers, not just the ones who've already seen the film. If you've seen it, more power to you. But realize you're not the only viewers out there -- some of us just like to be kept in the loop, good or bad.

  • Nadia | August 30, 2013 10:35 AM

    Thank you!! Folks always have something to complain about. Instead of appreciating the gesture, they look for something to be negative about.

  • truth | August 30, 2013 3:26 AMReply

    It's important to point out that the author introduced these movies by stating:
    "As usual... These aren't necessarily recommendations. Consider the list more of an FYI - films we've talked about on this site, at one time or another, that are now streaming on Netflix, that you might want to check out and see for yourselves."

  • CinemaPsycho | August 29, 2013 5:45 PMReply

    Oh, I get it. All of these movies have black actors in them. Well, that's fine, I have no problem with that. But if you're going to do that, why not recommend GOOD MOVIES with black actors in them that are on Netflix, and make that the topic of your article? Otherwise, I don't really see the point. This is just basically "here's 5 random movies with black actors in them that happen to be on Netflix. They may or may not be worth watching." I find that odd. What's the point? I saw Freelancers, it's an OK B-movie at best. Surely you can come up with something better.

  • CinemaPsycho | August 29, 2013 5:34 PMReply

    I'm glad you said "these aren't necessarily recommendations" because A Haunted House is definitely not something I would want to waste my time with. Why would you feel the need to point out that that's on Netflix? This is IndieWire, not CrapWire.

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