A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy

Another film that I'd like to assume many of you have already see, but, again, I thought against assuming, and added it to this week's list. 

Before Black & Sexy TV, there was the film that kind of started it all - Dennis Dortch’s feature film debut, A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy.

Written and directed by Dortch, the film is an unapologetic between-the-sheets peek at black love and sexuality in an experimental set-up which comprises of four vignettes that tackle sex from different POVs.

The film was picked up by Magnolia Pictures after its Sundance premiere, but the company didn't do a lot with it unfortunately - certainly not what I think it could've done theatrically. 

So watch what Black & Sexy TV essentially was before Black & Sexy TV became the brand that it is today. It's also been available on Netflix for a while.