2 - A Brazilian film set in São Paulo, titled Antonia, which follows four black girls who have been singing together since childhood, who struggle to fulfill their dream of making a living from their music. 

They form a hip-hop group called "Antonia" (hence the film's title), and then find a manager and begin to put on shows in bars and parties. But, just as the dream seems to be coming true, their hopes are dashed by the daily trials and tribulations that come with poverty, chauvinism and violence, which threaten the group and place their friendship in jeopardy.

Of note, the film is co-produced by Fernando Meirelles, the director of a little film called City of God (remember that? sure you do!).

The film has been around since 2007, when it played at a few prominent film festivals - notably, Toronto InternationalBerlin International and Amsterdam. It's available on Netflix as a streamer, so check it out.

Here's the trailer for Antonia: