"Night Catches Us"

4 - Tanya Hamilton's feature film debut Night Catches Us (it was originally titled Stringbean And Marcus. Some trivia there for you) stars Anthony MackieKerry WashingtonJamie Hector, and Wendell Pierce.

Set in Philadelphia in 1978, Night Catches Us follows two former Black Panthers, Marcus (Mackie) and Pat (Washington), who reignite a love affair when Marcus returns home after a decade in exile. Pat’s ten-year-old daughter Iris (newcomer Jamara Griffin) at first rejects Marcus’ return, but soon discovers a kindred spirit in a man who can fill in the missing pieces of her family history. This peace is threatened by a triangle of opposing forces: local Panther leader Do-Right (Hector), who wants to settle past debts with Marcus; Detective Gordon (Pierce), who tries to blackmail him; and Jimmy (Off-Broadway sensation Amari Cheatom), a troubled client of Pat’s pro bono law practice, who takes a twisted idea of Panther justice into his own hands.

The film was was the recipient of numerous accolades, including: a Sundance Institute Annenberg Feature Film Fellow grant winner for the film’s screenplay; a PEW Fellowship of the Arts AwardIFP’s Gordon Parks Award for Best Screenplaya 5-County Arts Grant of the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, and a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship.