Newcomers Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith
Newcomers Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith

You're likely all up-to-speed on the online outrage over the actors cast to play Missy Elliott and Timbaland in Lifetime's Aaliyah biopic, which Alexandra Shipp is attached to star in - a project that's already riddled with controversy, if only because Aaliyah's family opposes it.

Relative newcomers Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith have been cast as Missy Elliott and Timbaland respectively in film. 

The reasons for the public outrage over their casting should be obvious, based on the photos of both actors above, so I won't bother spoon-feeding. Make up your own mind.

Also added to the cast are Rachael Crawford and Sterling Jarvis as Aaliyah’s parents,  Lyriq Bent as her uncle Barry Hankerson, Anthony Grant as Damon Dash, as well as A.J. Saudin and Jesse Sukunda, who will play the older and younger version of Aaliyah’s brotherRashad, respectively.

Bradley Walsh ("Turn the Beat Around") is to direct from a script written by Michael Elliot ("Brown Sugar"). was the first to report these castings.