Retire My Room

I don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of web series out there right now and more are being created every day. Yet with the exception of a few, most of them seem to follow the same routine - usually of some driftless 20 or 30-something old year olds trying to muddle their way through life and relationships.

Which is why actress and producer AlgeRita Wynn’s (who you know from films such as Crazy Stupid Love and as Cynthia on NBC’s The Office) new web series, set to premiere on June 3rd, is worthy of attention.

Ms. Wynn has created, produced and hosts a room makeover, do-it-yourself web series which she calls Retire My Room, and which is aimed at older viewers and retirees who are looking to makes some big changes in their lives.

She says that the idea for the series first came to her after the death of her father in 2008, who was married to her mother for 52 years (back then when black men were men… unlike today).

She says that to prevent her mother from slipping "into a depression, I would redecorate her favorite rooms in the house… I started out painting the walls, adding new window treatments, and new accessories. I started to notice a change in my mother's behavior, she had more energy she was happier and more social. So, I thought, "If a room makeover can improve my mom's spirit, what if there was a show where other seniors would be inspired to improve not only there living conditions, but their spirits for the next stage in their life....

So she started developing her series, even lining up sponsors such as Eddie Bauer Airstream, Golden Design Group and Houseproud Atlanta, and made her idea a reality.

And come to think of it, you have to wonder why a black producer hasn’t come up with the concept of a home improvement web series until now. But hopefully this will spark others to follow.

The series has its own website which you go to HERE

Below is a promo trailer for the upcoming series.