AfrikaAkzent TV

To put it simply, there are a lot of black people in Germany - African immigrants, native born and black people who are transplants from other countries, including the U.S. And has a result, Germany is rapidly becoming one of the most diverse, multi-ethnic and cultural countries in Europe, like France and Spain, which have been for generations.

Because of this seismic shift, one of the results is a new online news and information program, AfrikAkzent TV, which is produced by the German multi-media group, Media Innovation Center Babelsberg.

The makers of AfrikAkzent say that their goal is to “target the public to act against intolerance, racism, prejudice and the media's spread of false images about Africa and people of African origin (and) give an insight into the life and work of Africans and Afro-Germans in Germany - establishing a clear antithesis to the popular media representations.

They further go on to say that they want to “combat the ignorance about Africa and people of African descent characterized among other things by the coverage in the German media. Our contributions would counteract and show that Africa is not only dominated by hunger, wars and corruption, music and dance."

The series, which started in August 2012, is a monthly 15-minute program which can be seen on Vimeo here in the States, and on the series’ website HERE.

Here’s a look at a recent episode, and, yes, the show is in German (and briefly in French) with no English subtitles. But believe me, you can, for the most part, grasp what’s going on.