The new play from NAACP award winner Layon Gray, All American Girls: A Negro League of Their Own is a drama set during World War II, a time where women were called upon "to keep baseball alive." The off-Broadway play, beginning shows on October 5th (Wednesday and Thursday nights) at the Actor's Temple Theater in NYC, stars Alaina Dunn, Azariah Gunn, Jillian Walker, Kris Sidberry, Latonia P, Antoinette Henry, Celestine Rae, Noelle LuSane, Teniece Divya Johnson and Kimberlee Monroe.

As you will see from the accounts of a real life player of the team in the first video below, The Negro League was created after the players tried out for the all white All American Girls League. They were rejected due to racism and segregation of the time.

According to its website, the play is a soon to be motion picture!

Click HERE for complete schedule and ticket information.

Watch the inspirational videos below. The first is a historical overview of the league told by real life player Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, and the one below it is a backstage look of the play and its actors.

If I were in New York in October, I would definitely catch this!