Season 3 of AMC's mega hit zombie drama series, The Walking Dead, is still just under a month away from its premiere (Sunday, Oct. 14 at 9pm), but the network is already talking about a season 4. Although this revelation may have been inadvertent. 

In an entry made to the AMC Walking Dead blog announcing a blood drive in collaboration with the Red Cross, as well as a chance for audiences to win a trip to the series' set, was the suggestion that the network is definitely planning a 4th season.

Here's what the post reads:

Just because the walkers are mindless flesh-eaters doesn't mean you have to be so inconsiderate. AMC and The Walking Dead are joining forces with the American Red Cross for a nationwide blood drive that, aside from being a great way to show your humanity, also might win you a 3-day, 2-night trip to the Season 4 production of The Walking Dead in 2013. Use Your Brains. Give Blood. And visit AMCGiveBlood.com between now and 11:59/10:59c on Mon., Oct. 22 to enter the Sweepstakes!

The sentence that reads "... also might win you a 3-day, 2-night trip to the Season 4 production of The Walking Dead in 2013" is what I'm looking at.

But not just me; others caught the entry, like The Hollywood Reporter, who did go a step further and contacted AMC about this, to which they replied that the fourth season has not yet officially been ordered; key word there being *officially.* But The Hollywood Reporter suggests that it's more of a question of *when* than *if* there will be a season 4, because the show ranks as cable TV's number 1 scripted drama in several key demographics.

So a fourth season shouldn't be a surprise, even though season 3 hasn't even begun yet; unless season 3 turns out to be a complete bust and loses viewers en masse. But does anyone really see that happening?

Like a lot of folks, I'm just hoping Michonne is well-repped, and T-Dogg finally comes into his own, and maybe some of those secret characters who may or may not appear this season will include some other character favorites.