Teerance Nance

One film that we’ve have definitely been championing since 2012 on this site is Terence Nance’s An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty, a film that Tambay has called "one of the most stylish, inventive, challenging, thoughtful and engaging films" that he had ever seen.

Challenging is true, or as I said about the film last summer, to describe what the film... "in few words is impossible. You have to see it and even then it’s no easy task. It’s open to anyone’s interpretation, and it’s guaranteed to get a reaction out of anyone who sees it, which is what any real filmmaker longs for."

But don’t let that stop from you seeing what is one of the most adventurous and original black films made in the last decade. And that is the most important thing isn’t it?  

And to remind you, Jai Tiggett did an interview with Nance about his film back in April 2012 which you can read HERE.

And now the film is opening today in the U.K. with a sold out show tonight at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton in London, before getting a wider UK wide release, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 11 in Clapham, Greenwich, Hackney and Stratford East all in London.

Also, the film will eventually open in the following other U.K. cities Bath, Brighton, Bury St Edmunds, Edinburgh, Exeter, Henley-on-Thames, Liverpool, Norwich Oxford, Southampton, Stratford-upon-Avon and York.

And, on top of that, the film will also expand further north into Scotland, opening in Aberdeen