Are Men Intimidated by Women in Comedy? - Wanda Sykes Presents 'Herlarious'

by Tambay A. Obenson
July 8, 2013 11:41 AM
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Speaking for myself only, a woman who can make me really laugh, and do so routinely, I will always remember. 

Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network will air a pair of new Wanda Sykes comedy specials titled Herlarious, this Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 20 at 10pm.

Taped before a live studio audience at Harpo Studios in Chicago, the specials will be hosted and produced by Sykes and Page Hurwitz's Push It Productions, in conjunction with Harpo Studios, and will feature appearances by female stand-ups, including Kym Whitley, Andi Smith, Gloria Bigelow, Marina Franklin, Tracey Ashley, Carmen Lynch and Dominique Witten.

In addition to performing new stand up material, Sykes will also feature in a series of comedy shorts, and conversations with women comedians (like the one below) that will air during the specials.

Watch them tackle the title question - whether men are intimidated by women in comedy:

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  • Donella | July 8, 2013 1:15 PMReply

    I know Rush Limbaugh is intimidated by Wanda Sykes with good reason.

  • Qstorm | July 8, 2013 11:55 AMReply

    Oddly enough, the only person who seems intimidated in this clip is the white woman. But, given the success of The Heat and given the success of last year's Bridesmaids, is it true that funny women are intimidating to men? I can only assume that men had SOMETHING to do with the big numbers these films pulled in. Shouldn't the question be, do female comedians of color intimidate men, and of course, that's a question that applies to every walk of life in terms of women of color, or people of color in general, for that matter.

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