42 - Set Pics

Filming this week at the historic Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama is Brian Helgeland's 42, based on the life of baseball icon Jackie Robinson.

The set images, courtesy of Birmingham News, show Chadwick Boseman in full form for the titular role, Nicole Beharie, who's protraying Robinson's wife/widow Rachel 'Isum' Robinson, and Andre Holland (Miracle at St. Anna), who plays Wendell Smith, a sportswriter who influenced Robinson to become the first African American player in the 20th century. The production company used  600-700 local community extras and the Los Angeles Inflatable Group brought in 5,000 inflatables as seat fillers for the stadium.

Warner Brothers' 42, which also stars Harrison Ford in the role of Brooklyn Dodgers' manager Branch Rickey, will be released in theaters next year on April 12, 2013.

Take a look at the pictures below:

42 - Nicole Beharie
42 -Andre Holland
42- chad boseman 2
42 - crowd