Why not, right? She's done (and continues to do) just about everything else - acting, singing, dancing, producing, clothing line, perfume... and maybe the toughest of them all - mother. She can do anything she wants, and given her international popularity, I doubt that she'll have much trouble attracting interest from the studios she's said to be shopping this upcoming documentary to.

Reported earlier today, Beyoncé Knowles just might make her feature film directorial debut, with a documentary that's being described as:

... a mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interview.

According to the LA Times, in recent weeks, Ms Knowles and her reps have been shopping a non-fiction film to Hollywood studios (showing 20 minutes of footage) that will center on her life and career that she will not only star in of course, but will also direct and produce. 

While it certainly won't be the first time that Ms Knowles is the subject of a documentary film, it will be the first time that she's the subject of a documentary film directed by her.

And with the eventful life she's led in the last few years, baby, husband, split from her father, top-selling albums and singles, Grammy Awards, international popularity, and more, she certainly has plenty to talk about.

We'll have our antennae on alert for any future developments on this project.