Though I posted this just over a month ago, a friendly reminder wouldn’t be out of place to say that yours truly be will returning to the Black Cinema House in Chicago, this Sunday, to introduce and lead a discussion on a film of genuine interest that should be better known - the 1952 German film Toxi.

I have a real fascination for the film since I first saw it several years ago, and I wrote extensively about it on S & A last summer (HERE). It centers around an abandoned mixed race German “occupation baby” (children of U.S, soldiers, stationed in Germany after the war, and German women who were abandoned by their parents) and her search for happiness and a place to belong.

The lead role is played by Elfie Fiegert, who was a real life occupation baby herself, and whose life, after the film was released, was definitely not a happy one.

It was conceived as an answer, and a re-examination, by some German filmmakers, of Hitler's and the Nazi Party's Aryan "racial purity" agenda, as well as trying to come to terms with Germany’s guilt and the repercussions of the past. It's all done in a melodramatic, slick, high gloss style that wouldn't be out of place among Hollywood studio films of the period.

Needless to say, the film is far from perfect with its share of problems, but, as I've said before, it's definitely a fascinating film and very worthy of rediscovery,

The movie will be screened at the Black Cinema House on Sunday May 5th, starting at at 6PM. To RSVP a seat, because they are limited, go HERE.