Talking Drum Entertainment

UK-based Talking Drum Entertainment (a company who's stated mission is to develop and distribute black films and TV content) has announced its first slate of feature films, launching with what it describes as a high concept romantic drama titled "Immoral Dilemma," which wrestles with complex social and ethical issues, and is set for release in 2015.

Other projects on the company's slate include a comedy titled "Find Your Voice," a thriller, "Who Owns the Law," and "Model Affair," another romantic drama.

“We have always lived by the mantra Content is King in this business and over the years the black film segment has become one of the fastest growing sectors of the film industry but has suffered from a lack of top quality content necessary to satisfy our global audience and exploit the commercial opportunities available and we want to rectify that imbalance,” said  Talking Drum Entertainment CEO Moses Babatope.

Lead producer Dapo Oshiyemi adds, “It’s great to have films like 12 Years a Slave ($188m), The Butler ($177m) and Think like a Man ($96m) come through, but they all seem to be coming from one source, and that’s the USA, but the black experience is not just about African Americans, so it’s vital that Africa and the UK start to contribute to making films of this quality, considering the fact that there are so many exciting stories from these.

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