Black Radical Imaguination

Chicago based filmmaker and programmer Amir George and Los Angeles based curator Erin Christovale, are presenting again a screening of short films they call Black Radical Imagination, coming up this time around in Chicago.

According to George and Christovale the notion of the “Black Radical Imagination stemmed from a series of discussions around the boundaries and limitations that are historically given to people of color in the realm of the cinematic”.

As a result they created an international touring program of “visual shorts that delve into the worlds of new media, video art, and experimental narrative. Focusing on new stories within the Diaspora, each artist contributes their own vision of post-modern society through the state of current black culture. An artistic movement and school of thought, Black Radical imagination focuses on aesthetics of futurism, surrealism, and the magnificent through the context of cinema”.

Now after screenings in Los Angeles, Oakland, Boston, Basel Switzerland, and other cities the series, along with a dialogue with filmmakers, comes to Chicago on Thursday Feb. 27 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Columbus Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Dr. from 6-8PM.

The films, which will be screened at next week’s event are:

- The Baptist by Lewis Vaughn

A fallen spirit seeks redemption after a life of compliance and misguidance. After being forcedinto an afterlife state, he attempts to navigate through a vivid forest while a mysterious creature taunts him.

- Black Magic at the White House by Jeanette Elhers

In this video, Ehlers is performing a voudon dance at the Marienborg—a residence with a strong connection to the triangular trade that today plays an important role in Denmark as the official residence of the country’s prime minister.

- Bliss by Jabari Zuberi

Bliss is a surrealist sci-fi short about a man, Kahel, and his dependence on a technological drug that reaches out to his subconscious mind. It is a visually driven, surreal short drama focused around the technological drug, the effects it has on Kahel, and the glimpse interactions of relationships formed because of his new-found addiction.

- Black Bullets by Jeanette Elhers

In a poetic and mesmerizing manner Black Bullets pays tribute to the act of revolt. Black Bullets was filmed on The Citadel, a mountaintop fortress in Haiti built by king Henri Christophe after the Revolution. The fortress itself has become a sign of liberty and an icon of Haiti.

- Get the Bones from 88 Jones Because She Also Eats Meat by Lauren Kelley

An aerial view of the disposable nature of intimate relationships. This short, stop motion animation tale scrutinizes the gestures that occur between an invisible librarian and a capricious peacock—both are bookworms. Throughout this anti love story, the familiar predator and prey narrative elements are liquefied when what seems solid to a smitten protagonist cracks and falls apart.

- Moonrising by Sanford Biggers & Terence Nance

The nose knows. We’ve been overdosing on pop perfume, a heady arrangement of melody and bounce - coddled by brightly colored choruses and whims of the Top Forty. Sometimes we Earthlings are in need of a piece of meat caught between the wisdom teeth, just to suck it loose for a savory taste of the unpretty. When tripping the light fantastic gives way to a slew footed stomp – jut the butt and knees bent. Chicken wing and Cheshire grin, a twisted tree through a piano and the quilt-that-never-got-washed; plus a top hat with more than rabbits inside. Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. And ninjas is crazy.

For more info on the program and to keep up to date with future Black radical Imagination film screenings you can go to their Facebook page HERE.

And here's the new Black Radical Imagination trailer for 2014: