Black Radical Imagination

Filmmaker and programmer in residence Amir George of Chicago's Black Cinema House, and Los Angeles based curator Erin Christovale, are presenting, again, a screening of short films they call Black Radical Imagination, coming up this time around in Oakland, CA.

Imagination was designed by George and Christovale to "invoke a futurist aesthetic of the black image on screen. The visual pieces delve into the worlds of video art, film animation, narrative storytelling, and new media. Each artist contributes their own vision of a free changing world in a post modern society."

The Imagination screening, presented by Michael Orange ofthe  Brooklyn Film and Theater Company and Anyka Barber of the  Betti Ono Gallery, will take place on Sunday Oct. 6th from 2-6PM at Betti Ono  in Oakland, located at 1427 Broadway.

After the screening there will be a panel discussion with George and Christovale, moderated by Bay-area writer and visual artist D. Scot Miller.

For more info on the program and to keep up to date with future Black radical Imagination film screenings you can go to their Facebook page HERE.