Pumzi - Wanuri Kahiu
Pumzi - Wanuri Kahiu

Filmmaker and programmer-in-residence Amir George of Chicago's Black Cinema House, and Los Angeles based curator Erin Christovale, are presenting their next screening of short films they call Black Radical Imagination, next month in Los Angeles.

If you’re still uncertain what is meant by Black Radical Imagination, here’s the best description of it from actress CCH Pounder:

Black Radical Imagination is a carefully selected body of work inquiring and responding to what it means to be black in the 21st century. Through the labor of several upcoming artists from the US and internationally these visions are maneuvered and crafted with the aid of technology. Encased in a futurist aesthetic these artists claim themselves as individuals re-appropriating their own stories while simultaneously creating within the entity of the African Diaspora. The vibrancy and electric energy of each story provides enquiries and responses on race, double consciousness, nationalism and queerness. All of these themes are set in the pieces to challenge the ideas of imaginative-stagnancy in the black community and to further the progression of creation.

The films in the series will be screened at REDCAT (The CalArts Downtown Center for Contemporary Arts) located at 631 W. 2nd St in L.A., on Monday October 7th and will include:

Cristina De Middel’s Afronauts (2013)

Jacolby Satterwhite’s Reifying Desire 2 (2012)

Amir George’s Mae's Journal (2013)

Akosua Adoma Owusu’s Split Ends I Feel Wonderful (2012)

Cauleen Smith’s The Changing Same (2001)

Anansi Knowbody’s Quiescence Interrupted... Adumbrate (2013)

Adebukola Bodunrin & Ezra Clayton Daniels’ Golden Chain (2103)

Wanuri Kahiu’s Pumzi (2009, pictured above)

For more information about the REDCAT L.A. screening go HERE.