Sugar Hill

A friend of mine recently sent me this trailer for a film that I’d long forgotten - Sugar Hill. And being the generous type that I am, I decided to share it with you too.

No I’m not talking about that Harlem-set 1994 crime drama with Wesley Snipes, but the other Sugar Hill, made 20 years earlier in 1974 - the voodoo/zombie horror film staring 1970’s TV actress and artist, Marki Bey, and made during the height of the glorious "Blaxploitation" era.

The film is about “Sugar” Hill of course who sets out for revenge when her boyfriend is murdered by a bunch of mobsters. With help of a voodoo queen and Baron Zamedi, the Lord of the Dead, who, in exchange for her soul, raises up a zombie army under Sugar’s control, and they set out to go after the killers.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. Sugar Hill is not some undiscovered cinema masterpiece. Not hardly. Not by a long shot. But as you can tell from the trailer, it’s goofy, lots of fun, with a subversive sense of humor, and it’s got zombies. Like, what more do you need? And it is available on DVD.

Tell me after you watch the trailer you’re not curious to see it yourself.