Blue Caprice

So you’ve read Tambay's opinion about the film (HERE) which opens this Friday in New York (and I admit that I agree with him except that I found the film very slow-moving as well), but don’t let that stop you from seeing it.

But I have to say that it’s one of those very rare films that does demand a second viewing after you have seen it the first time. You instinctively know that there are subtle things, nuances and little telling clues that past by you when you watch it the first time, so you have to watch it again it just to make sure you picked up on them.

Any film that does that is definitely a film worth watching.

And if you live in the Chicago area and are wondering if the film will ever come to town, rest assured that it will on Friday Sept 27th for an extended run at the Music Box Theater on North Southport Ave.

But if you don’t live in Chicago, and are wondering when the film will come to your town, don't worry. Here’s list:

9/20 Roxie Theater San Francisco CA

9/20 Sundance Sunset Cinema Los Angeles CA

9/27 OSIO Cinemas Monterey CA

9/27 West End Cinema Washington D.C. DC

9/27 Camera 3 San Jose CA

9/27 SIFF Cinema Uptown Seattle WA

9/27 Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park Houston TX

9/27 Hollywood Theatre Portland OR

9/27 Capitol Theatre Cleveland OH

9/27 Cass City Cinema at Burton Detroit MI

9/27 Montgomery Cinema Rocky Hill NJ

9/27 Shea 14 Scottsdale AZ

9/27 AFI Silver Culture Center Silver Springs MD

9/27 Cinemas Palme D'Or Palm Desert CA

9/27 Circle Theatre Tulsa OK

9/27 Music Box Chicago IL

9/27 SIE Film Center Denver CO

10/4 Loft Cinema Twin Tucson AZ

10/4 Gateway Film Center Columbus OH

10/4 Cinema Paradiso Fort Lauderdale FL

10/4 Digital Gym Cinema San Diego CA

10/4 Lake Worth Playhouse Lake Worth FL

10/4 The Screen Santa Fe NM

10/4 Carousel Greensboro NC

10/4 Grand Tacoma Tacoma WA

10/11 Glenwood Arts Overland Park KS

10/11 Zinema 2 Duluth MN

10/21 Bear Tooth Anchorage AK