Summer of Sam

Yeah it’s fashionable to get on Spike Lee. It's sort of like a favoite pastime. Everybody has done it (And yes I stand guilty as charged. Lords knows I have done it too).

But let us not forget that, over nearly 30 years now, he has been one of the most prolific, consistently interesting and risk taking film directors working today.

True, not everything he does works, but you have to give him all respect and credit that he has challenged himself as a director, which is a lot more I can say for most directors out there working today (Like how many X Men movies has Bryan Singer signed up to do after Days of Future Past?),

And to prove my point, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced today that will be releasing, on June 10th, a two volume set of double feature blu-ray DVDs that they are calling The Spike Lee Joint Collection.

Volume One will include the seriously underrated and overlooked The 25th Hour and He Got Game, meanwhile Volume Two will include The Miracle at St. Anna (O.K. like I said not everything he does works). But what is very special to me is that, along with St. Anna on Volume 2, will be the first ever blu-ray release of Summer of Sam.

Sam is a film which even I didn’t fully appreciate or understood when I first saw it on opening day, back in July 1999. But over the years, I have really grown to admire it and consider it as one of Spike’s most compelling, definitely most adult and genuinely adventurous films, and one that was badly in need a solid blu-ray remastering to replace to crummy non-anamorphic standard DVD that's been out for years.

In addition, sets will include newly-recorded audio commentaries with Spike Lee and various cast and crew members from each film.

Now, if Universal Home Video would just finally release Mo' Better Blues and Jungle Fever on blu-ray...

Here’s the trailer for Summer of Sam: