Dani Kouyate

Currently in post-production is Soleils (which translates as Suns in English) co-directed in Burkina Faso by Olivier Delahaye's and Dani Kouyate (above photo) from a script by Delahaye.

With a cast that includes Binda Ngazolo and Nina Melo, the film tells the story of "an old wise man who educates girls by recounting history, the wisdom of tales and the madness of men," and "is a tale that confronts us with our prejudices and amnesias, and reminds us with humour that Africa has something to tell us all."

The project received a €350,000 advance on receipts from the French National Film and Moving Image Centre (CNC) last year - or about $430,000.

Principal photography began on June 4, with negotiations ongoing for distribution in France and other international narkets.

Some may be familiar with Kouyate's past work - specifically the visually enthralling Sia, The Dream Of The Python, which won the Special Jury Prize at the 2001 FESPACO event.

It received a limited theatrical release in the USA in 2002, and was met with mostly positive reviews from critics.

It was eventually released on DVD in 2007 as a double-feature with another Burkinabé film, Tasuma, The Fighter. You can find the disk on DVD on Netflix, but not streaming. It's worth a look though.

Soleils should debut on the international film festival circuit this year, and we'll be watching for it.