Yesterday's news, which Jasmin posted here, announcing that Marvel Comics is introducing a new Spider-Man, who happens to be a blacktino (I didn't coin the term by the way) teen named Miles Morales, shook the web, with fanboys and girls jeering the, uhh, colorful switch.

In Jasmin's post, she asked the inevitable question that I'm sure was on many minds: will this new Spidey get the big screen film treatment?

No official word on that yet; however, as I listened to the below video clip, featuring Marvel Comics executive Axel Alonso, chatting with host Chris Wragge during this morning's episode of CBS' The Early Show, at the tail end of the clip, unless my ears need to be cleaned out and unclogged, I believe he does tell Chris that "the plans for the movie are well underway."

Or is this already public info, and I'm just late in announcing it?

Anyway, have a listen for yourselves and tell me what you hear: