I haven't watched a single episode of this, but I'm sure some of our readers are fans, and they'll be glad to know that the Logo network has renewed RuPaul’s Drag Race, for a 5th season!

Given how much discussion "black-man-in-drag" has seen on this blog, for better or for worse, RuPaul's name has rarely ever come up! He/she is practically a legend - arguably just as much a household name as MadeaAlthough, the target audiences for each character differs - one with a strong fan base within the gay community, irrespective of race; the other attracting mostly black women Christian conservative types.

Also worth noting: RuPaul is an out gay man; there've been rumors about the other fella.

I do wonder what the perception is of RuPaul amongst black gay men, given his stature and his history-making show - specifically, its premiere this season was the most watched series premiere in Logo’s history, with nearly one million viewers!

Auditions are said to be under way for a season 5 premiere in early 2013.

For those who've never watched an episode of this obviously popular series, watch the video below as CNN goes "behind the glam" of RuPaul's Drag Race