Casting is underway for a pilot episode of what looks like an upcoming new original VH1 series (you mean it's not a reality TV show??) titled simply Bounce, which Sanaa Hamri is attached to direct.

Details are sparse, but I can tell you that the series will center around a professional dance/cheer team for the fictional L.A. devils basketball team called the Devil Girls; specifically, on one young black woman who dreams of being a part of the Devil Girls (following in her disapproving mother's foosteps), and works her way onto the team, only to learn just how cut-throat and competitive it is; and the challenges she faces have more to do with the personalities on the team with her, as well as her superiors, than her talent. 

As can be expected, some are threatened by her ability and stunning good looks, the current star and leader of the Devil Girls (also black, by the way) being one of them. 

I'd also imagine that there'd be a romance or two with one or two of the basketball team players - maybe someone one of the existing Devil Girls likes, but he instead shows interest in the new girl...

You get the picture. It's a VH1 show.

Break out the claws.

Production is scheduled to begin this March. 

No one's been cast yet for the leads, as far as I know.