Cedric The Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer will star in a new sit-com for TV Land cable network titled Have Faith. The series is a spinoff of the network's successful sit-com Hot in Cleveland and will be produced by Cedric and Suzanne Martin, the creator of Cleveland.

In the show, Cedric will play Rev. Boyce "the Voice" Ballantine, a former R & B singer now turned minister, who takes over his father's church. In the series Niecy Nash will play his wife.

The show, which has an initial 12 episode run, will premiere in June.

According the the network: "the show that Cedric and Suzanne have created is a fantastic family sitcom that you don't see as much on TV today."

Actually, I have a feeling that we have seen it many times before, and I think we can pretty much guess how the show is going to turn out, now don't we?