Charles Barkley

Heard you missed me; well I'm back! I was far far away in another place of the world, and when I got back this was staring me in face.

Those of you who are long time readers know I strongly detest seeing black men in drag. It's nothing more than the symbolic castration and neutering of black men to make them "safe" and "non-threatening". Why so many seem to be so willing to go through it baffles me.

I didn't like it when Flip Wilson was doing Geraldine, and I don't like Madea or RuPaul or Wesley Snipes in To  Wong Foo, and I really don't like Charles Barkley's new drag act either.

And in case you're wondering why he's made up that way, it's for a new TV commercial premiering next week for Weight Watchers, and the theme of the spot is "Lose it like a man" in which Barkley supposedly struts down a catwalk; and if I'm lucky, I'll miss ever seeing it.

Yeah I know what some of you will say; that I need to lighten up, don't take it so seriously and my favorite excuse - if Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams can do. why not Barkley? Personally I don't care what Williams or Hoffman does. All white guys can wear dresses as far as I'm concerned. So, in other words, if a white guy jumps off a cliff then black men have to do it too?

And, by the way, this was the only idea they could come with for Barkley as Weight Watcher's new spokesman?