Chaz and Roger Ebert

It was officially announced today that Chaz and Roger Ebert (posthumously) will be awarded the annual Deloris Jordan Award for Excellence in Community Leadership at the Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Roger Ebert was, of course, up until his death in spring 2013, one of most important and influential film critics and political essayists of our time, inspiring generations of film critics who followed in his path, entertaining and educating regular film lovers for decades. 

However just as important was his advocacy and support of important and talented filmmakers, as well as being a long time vocal supporter of black films, filmmakers and film festivals, such as Black Harvest

And Chaz Ebert has been dedicated to continuing Roger’s his work and mission, in part via his website, which she has expanded and revamped to become one of the most widely read, innovative and influential cinema websites, covering every aspect of film from around the world (by the way, the coverage that Chaz and the site did during the Cannes Film Festival - including video reports - was truly outstanding).

Chaz and Roger follow such previous luminaries who have been honored with the Jordan Excellence Award in the past, such as actor and rapper Common, and, last year, with the internationally acclaimed installation artist, urban planner and performing artist Theaster Gates.

The award will be presented to Chaz and Roger on the festival’s opening night on Friday August 1st.