I was notified earlier today that Kareem Mortimer's Children of God (produced by Trevite Willis), which ended its 1-week run in New York City last week, at Quad Cinemas, will make its official television (cable TV) debut tomorrow, June 2nd.

The film will run on the Showtime Network for the next 3 weeks, with 10 screening slots allotted to it over that time period! Kudos to the team behind the film - one that you're encouraged to see if you are a Showtime subscriber.

You've got 10 chances between now and the 21st of June, so, really, there's very little reason why you shouldn't be able to catch it... assuming you're interested in seeing it. And even if you aren't, maybe you'll be enticed to watch the film, knowing that you can do so without actually leaving your house :)

Go to the film's page on Showtime's website for the details and specific days and time slots it'll air.