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Christopher Jordan Wallace, Son Of Biggie Smalls, Carving Out An Acting Career

by Tambay A. Obenson
May 16, 2011 3:21 AM
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I'm working on getting an interview with this kid, Christopher Jordan Wallace, son of the late Notorious BIG and singer Faith Evans, soon, so stay tuned...

In the meantime, Movieline magazine recently chatted with the youngster about a variety of things, including, his burgeoning Hollywood career (including his feature film debut in Notorious, playing a younger version of his father, he has a part in Everything Must Go opposite Will Ferrell, which is currently in limited release), his relationship with his mother, and his future plans both under and away from Hollywood's bright lights.

Here's a sample:

MOVIELINE (ML): Do you watch movies like this yourself?
CHRISTOPHER WALLACE (CJW): Yeah, I like serious movies. I do love comedies — Will’s movies, The Hangover, those are my favorite movies. But I love watching those serious heartfelt movies. Mostly biographies and things like that.

ML: A few years ago you expressed an interest in studying film.
CJW: Yup! I really love taking pictures and stuff — I have a film camera, my sister has a film camera, and I took photo class this year. I’m in Photo 2 now. The first semester we did film, and we got to use film cameras and develop them in the darkroom. Now I’m in Photo 2 with digital, but I recently lost my camera so it sucks. I feel bad. I know I lost it.

ML: So you have an interest in the photographic process; do you think you’d like to go into directing?
CJW: Yeah, definitely. I want to study film and possibly make and act in my own movies.

ML: What’s next? Do you have any projects planned or in the works?
CJW: I don’t really have anything planned. I’ve been recently reading for other movies and have liked a couple of them. Hopefully I’ll do them, but I really don’t like doing movies during the school year because it’s really hard. I had to do Everything Must Go during the school year, so I had a tutor with me when I was off set. That was kind of a hassle. I’d rather just do them during winter breaks and during the summer.

ML: What kind of scripts and stories are you looking at?
CJW: I want to stay with the whole, how do I say this? I like the low key kind of vibe. Not really hyped up movies. There’s this other movie that I’m reading for, Rocket 88, about four or five kids making soapbox cars and we pretty much make those and race them around and stuff.

I should note that I looked up this Rocket 88 project he talks about reading for but couldn't immediately find anything about it, so there just might not be anything out yet. Though it's on my watch-list now.

Overall, I like the where this kids head is. You can read the full Q&A session HERE.

And watch the trailer for Everything Must Go below, in which you'll see Christopher featured quite a lot actually. I should see this, if only for that reason:

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  • ericka ter | November 23, 2012 4:35 PMReply

    he is so kute

  • sexy mami 101 | November 26, 2011 10:23 PMReply

    i luvu. u r just as talented as your father. glad ur doin ur own thang.u learnin da ropes 2 in peace notorious b.i.g. u da man. keep da faith and good luck wit ur success!!!!!

  • BluTopaz | May 16, 2011 6:17 AMReply

    Adorable kid, reminds me of my nephew. So cute how he takes responsibility for losing his camera.

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