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Could Joy-Ann Reid Soon Get A Second Chance To Get Her Own Show On MSNBC?

by Sergio
May 24, 2013 9:29 AM
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Joy-Ann Reid

So back in March, if you recall, I wrote a piece in which I speculated, due to some media reports, that the managing editor of The Grio and regular MSNBC contributor, Joy-Ann Reid could possibly be a real contender for her own prime time show on the network, after it was announced that Ed Schultz was being moved out of his weekly prime time slot for the weekends.

Wishful thinking, of course, since literally just as soon as the article was posted up, came the news that Chris Hayes (the guy who still reminds me so of those persnickety, obnoxious nerds I used to intimidate for lunch money in high school) was relieving Schultz.

Well three months later, it turns out that the great Hayes experiment has been a total disaster for MSNBC. His show, according to one report this week, has been “hemorrhaging viewers.” In fact the ratings for his show are so bad that it’s been dragging down the overall ratings performance of the network. Gone are the huge gains in ratings the network made against other 24 hour news channels last year, as it now finishes third, or even fourth sometimes, among its competitors.

Hayes may be very knowledgeable about politics, but he’s lethal on TV. His show is more of a college classroom than a news show (same problem I have with Harris-Perry’s show) and he regularly avoids dealing with whatever important burning issue is of the day, for a draggy PhD dissertation on some other lesser important matter.

And keep in mind that despite the fact it’s supposed to be a news/discussion show on a news cable channel, it’s still always just, and has been, entertainment. You have to keep your audience hooked and entertained. If you want really hard news then read the N.Y. Times or watch BBC News.

So what is MSNBC going to do? They could and will probably try to tinker with Hayes' show to try to make it more in line with Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell. But Hayes would most likely resist that. And the network, at this stage, is reluctant to cancel his show so soon since that would, in effect, publicly admit that they made a colossal mistake - something that any network would be loathe to do.

But if push comes to shove, considering all things and especially the ratings, Hayes’ show may not make it past this summer, which, yet again, opens up the opportunity for another shot for Reid to get her own show.

First of all, who else do they have? I can't think of anyone, except maybe regular MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capeheart, but he also has that irritating persnickety thing too. And Karen Finney has her own show on weekends which is supposed to premiere this month, if it hasn't already.

Furthermore, as I said last time, no one can deny that Reid is really, really smart, knows politics inside and out like nobody's business, is personable, has fantastic presence on the screen (she's been on TV and radio since 1998), and has smoothly subbed occasionally on other network shows.

And she's is on the network ALL THE TIME. Every day. Sometimes a few times a day. Like, what else do you need?

Also they’ve really “glammed” her up lately, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she insisted perhaps even bringing in her own makeup people and stylists, knowing that appearances always does matter on TV.

So during the next few months, let’s see what happens. One thing for sure is that Hayes' show can’t continue any longer, if it doesn’t improve, and if MSNBC will see the obvious solution right in front of them.

But I’m not taking any bets.

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  • Hazel Smith | December 30, 2013 5:37 PMReply

    I love Joy Reid. What stopping her? DARKER SKIN?

  • Hazel Smith | December 30, 2013 5:34 PMReply

    Why Joy Reid cannot get a spot of her own? She is much more watchable than most on MSNBC. Why not give her a chance.DARKER SKIN?

  • Lucille Brown | December 26, 2013 6:05 PMReply

    Joy Reid,
    I do love you, however, if you don't slow down and stop talking so fast, I am going to have t0 block you.

  • Jaron Brooks | November 12, 2013 10:25 PMReply

    I agree that the very smart and charismatic Joy-Ann Reid should have her own MSNBC primetime show - and would have been a much better choice than the always-annoying Chris Hayes, who becomes more insufferable the longer his show continues.

    But, an important point: Sergio's boast that he used to intimidate "obnoxious nerds" like Hayes for lunch money is very ugly. He seems to find robbery and threatened violence against someone perceived to be weaker to be funny. He should know that bullying anyone, gay, Black, Arab, "nerd," anyone considered "inferior" is nothing to be proud of.

  • sergio | December 26, 2013 7:20 PM

    Hey I'm from the older generation when bullying was rite of passage. EVERYONE got bullied in my day. I endured it too. You took your lumps and it toughened your hide. That Donald Glover is goddamn lucky he wasn't around back in my day. We would have torn him apart

  • Rhonda | September 1, 2013 10:56 AMReply

    Joy Reid should have been in Karen Finney's slot. I don't know how Finney got a show. However, Schultz's leaving weekends has opened that slot for Joy. Dare they put two black women back-to-back? Chris Hayes should return to mornings. Steve should return to the Cycle. Now that Current TV is kaput, Joy Behar might be available to take over Chris Hayes' slot. Regardless, MSNBC has come a looong way since it had Alan Keyes as a host, way back in the day.

  • jannay | August 19, 2013 8:39 PMReply

    If MSNBC doesn't give Joy a spot they are missing out. She is more impressive than Karen Finney. She is very very smart. And she doesn't get rattled, when confronted. She is good. I hope it isn't because of her darker complexion.

  • lee | August 12, 2013 3:21 PMReply

    I like Joy a lot. She is very SMART and I would place her in the same category as Rachel Maddow (who is my favorite) and Alex Wagner, Martin Bashir, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews. Melissa Harris-Perry is smart too, but I think Joy is a better speaker/debater than her. I was hoping that Joy would get her spot on the MSNBC lineup, and was disappointed that Karen Finney got it instead. I have nothing against Karen Finneya nd I think she is smart too but I find her anchoring the show a little bit dull.

    Every time Joy is a guest or a guest "host," I always make sure I watch the show because she is very smart and makes a lot of sense in her analysis and opinions.

    I predict that Joy Reid will be the next Gwen Ifill of television. I hope MSBC gives her a spot for own show soon before another station grabs her. We need people like Joy to enlighten us, if not educate us, on the issues that matters. All the best to Joy Ann Reid!!!

  • Harold C. | July 19, 2013 7:10 PMReply

    Jon Ann Reid doesn't need MSNBC. I predict she will host a news pgm on The OWN netwok! Go get Joy Oprah!

  • Jay Zee | July 19, 2013 2:57 PMReply

    Enough with the "Grio Girl"... Doesn't MSNBC have anybody else they can put on these shows as guests? As an avid watcher on MSNBC it's kinda boring seeing her on every show.. every day... how about some variety. Maybe if they give her a time slot we won't have to see her on TV all day long?:

  • Dennis Copson | July 15, 2013 5:31 PMReply

    Are you kidding me? MSNBC has too many black personalities on air now--especially the ubiquitous Reverend Al, a bobble-headed buffoon incapable of even the simplest of political analysis. Any more added to the cast would be ethnic overkill even though MSNBC has been trolling for blacks in their audience for awhile. Why I can't figure out--they are such a small segment of society to cater to exclusively--except that they have lost most other viewers. Really, just look at who MSNBC has been promoting recently: Melissa Harris-Perry, Toure, Reid, Cameron Hall, on and on. Reid is a smart cookie, no doubt, but she is also unabashedly biased towards all things black, another zealous proponent of "black victimization" politics ala "Shakedown" Sharpton, and an extreme lefty and a purveyor of the prevalence towards black injustice in America. I seriously doubt she'll get the nod for a fulltime show, but she may factoring in the considerable face time she's getting on most all the other programs of late. MSNBC has been doing weird things for the past year in search of the right ingredients to beat FOX (fat chance!) featuring a younger, more liberal (if that's even possible) cast of ethnically variable talking heads. But adding Reid would bring no "Joy" to me nor millions of other viewers looking for a more balanced approach to our political news of the day. Therefore, I say no chance of her as a fulltime host of her own show although she will sit in for other hosts and appear on their show more as time goes by.

  • Charlene Leisr | July 11, 2013 1:00 PMReply

    I watch MSNBC less & less due to the decrease
    In quality programming like Hayes, Wagner,
    Perry, Matthews & O'Donnell. I never follow
    Sharpton or Bashir. An original favorite of
    Morning Joe unfortunately gets worse daily
    now if the main hosts are even on. But, if
    Joy Reid gets a show....I'm done with MSNBC.

  • Dennis Copson | July 15, 2013 5:35 PM

    I agree. MSNBC has gone to the dogs since their overseer, Tim Russert, died. They are totally out of control and the rating show it.

  • Guy Smiley | July 8, 2013 8:28 PMReply

    The Essence Festival just passed and we saw a lot of Reid. MSNBC getting into the cultural appropriations game! Anyone catch Schultz(y) line dancing to that god awful song? Anyway, Reid had a big weekend. She was all over the network, perhaps there's something brewing. I like Chris Hayes, but he lacks pizazz. He is simply being overpowered by O'Reilly's angry White guy routine. Could a curvy, sassy, brown skinned, short haired female compete with that? Could she be the ying to his yang; a completely opposite narrative?

    We need more diversity in prime time. There are still no people of color hosting shows in prime time on any network. Al Sharpton is not on in prime time, and he doesn't represent the hip, young, wonkish viewers the network appears to be courting. I appreciate how he has given Black folks a platform, but we can do a little better than brother Al. Furthermore, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell are old news. It is time for a younger, hipper, smarter generation of news commentary entertainment. I'd like to see Richard Liu get a shot, and definitely get some Hispanic representation as well. I'm not terribly certain Joy Reid will translate to White viewers, even the most liberal among you. MHP, given the right marketing, would have given O'Reilly a run for his money. She's an intellect, she's beautiful and she certainly has command of a very key demographic. That alone, would have greatly increased MSNBC's bottom line numbers. Black people are tuning into MSNBC, and they know it! My ideal lineup: Hayes, MHP, Liu, Maddow and token Hispanic. Let's make this happen, Deborah Turness. "Really" shake things up!

  • tishauna7 | May 31, 2013 6:29 AMReply

    she's a little too far up Obama's ass for my taste. especially how she defended obama on not standing firm on Susan rice.

  • AccidentalVisitor | May 24, 2013 8:27 PMReply

    Wasn't aware of the dismal ratings for Hayes' show, but I can't say I'm all that surprised either. MSNBC had the perfect lineup despite griping from some progressives. Ed Schultz was the boisterous everyman who was bent on championing the middle class and could talk the "real language" of the common folk. Rachel Maddow was the darling of progressives who could wow and woo her audience with her combination of wit, stats and storytelling, all of which she weaved together to present a clear picture of what was happening in politics. Lawrence Odonnell was the highbrow schmoozer who used the tricks he learned in the political arena of Washington and the entertainment center of Hollywood to put together a smart, accessible fast-moving show. Chris Hayes may be a better journalist then all of them (loved his work for The Nation magazine) but his problem was that he is the male version of Rachel. True enough both Hayes and Maddow's shows go about things a little different, but their methods and objectives are pretty much the same. And if you are going to take only one of them you will go with the Maddow Show becausse it has always been a well-oiled machine. Hayes on the other hand presents a somber, analytical show for grownups and most American viewers can't handle that.

    To be honest after seeing Hayes fill in for people over the years as a guest host, I didn' t think he was good for TV (it took me awhile to warm up to his dry style). But I was wrong. His "Up With Chris Hayes" became perhaps my favorite program on MSNBC, one that I felt I could never miss. Two hours on Saturday and Sunday was perfect for him and gave him more than enough time to explore multiple topics with a panel of guests that kept changing while the minutes rolled by each episode. That's a job he should have stuck with for ten years. If he had he would have truly helped revived the weekend news program format.

    But when Big Eddie took that opportunity to do a weekend show (as a listerner to Schultz' radio program I don't believe he was forced out, especially considerhing how successful his TV gig was, I believe, just as he said, he wanted to cut down on his workload) I felt the MSNBC brass saw it as a golden opportunity to offer a daily show to their golden boy. I hope it all works out for them.

    As for Reid she is another good journalist and, oh yeah, she is everywhere on MSNBC. But do I think she would be the perfect solution for the problem? Not so sure. There is very little evidence she can carry a show as well as she carries a segment as a member of a talking-heads guest panel. Plus I gotta ask does MSNBC need another black host? We are pretty well represented enough. In fact one could argue black hosts are overrepresented on MSNBC, especially black women. Doesn't Tamra still have her show? And of course there is MHP and the upcoming Karen Finney show. One repeated topic on the MSNBC shows is the changing demographic as the result of the surge in population of Hispanics. Well ins't it about time MSNBC start grooming Hispanic hosts?

  • Helluva | May 24, 2013 5:00 PMReply

    I like Joy, but not sure if she's strong enough to anchor her own MSNBC show (just yet). As you say, it is ENTERTAINMENT. Thus, someone like Michael Eric Dyson (who I think goes overboard often) would probably be a better choice. Or, as previously mentioned, TJ Holmes...he at least has had a stronger following than M(r)s. Reid. She would, however, do well in a tandem format, like the one Toure's a part of, I believe.

  • Bobby Diamonds | July 8, 2013 7:29 PM

    Black people are far from overrepresented on the network. There are no Black's in prime time on any network. None. Until that happens, we will still be underrepresented. Tamron, not Tamra, if NBC has any sense at all, will end up on Today permanently as a co host. Karen Finney is on weekends and Al Sharpton is losing steam. As far as Chris is concerned, I like the guy and was looking forward to his show, despite my feeling that it wouldn't work. In lay terms, he lacks flare. MHP, while collegiate I admit, has flare. I look forward to watching her wonkish, academic program every weekend. Many in the Black community do. I think the changing demographics, that you alluded to, are exactly why the network has bolstered its Black roster. I agree that Hispanics, and might I add Asians, need some representation as well. I don't think Chris is going anywhere, if MSNBC is smart they will reduce Matthews from two hours a day to one, or none (even though he just signed a contract extending his tenure). If Joy Reid is to have a show, I would imagine it would be one of Matthews hours. Here's hoping.

  • sergio | May 24, 2013 5:13 PM

    GOD NO! Not talks-a-million-miles-a-minute Slick Willy Rapping Dyson. I actually met him once a few years and as soon as he left I checked to see if I still had my wallet.

    Reid I think is solid enough to host her own show. She'll be a hell of lot better than Hayes and could pull in viewers instead of them running away screaming like he does.

  • Nadia | May 24, 2013 11:16 AMReply

    Calling T.J. Holmes.

  • sergio | May 24, 2013 12:41 PM

    What's the deal with this Holmes guy? From what I've seen of him he's a stiff. No personality whatsoever. Must be because they think he's hot. I don't see it. Believe me if he looked like me no one would be raving about him

  • Onyx | May 24, 2013 12:01 PM

    I agree Holmes would be perfect and has done a stint on there before. They need another black male besides Sharpton.

  • JMC | May 24, 2013 10:53 AMReply

    I like Chris Hayes and Joy and would love for her to have a show. I also like the "academic" feel of his show and MHP's show. Perhaps because I am in academia myself. One thing with Chris's show is that he has the most minority guests on his show. He does a wonderful job of giving voice to underrepresented people who are working in fields related to topics he is covering. This aids the network overall. Yet you are correct his numbers can keep on bleeding and the network do nothing.

  • ALM | May 24, 2013 10:35 AMReply

    I hope this happens for her, but I still wouldn't be surprised if the network brought a new person in entirely. It makes more sense to utilize an established, familiar face like Ms. Reid's, but companies make decisions all day every day that don't make any sense.

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