glover danny

Danny Glover will lend his acting talents to another indie feature project; this one sitlted Supremacy, which he'll star in alongside Joe Anderson (The Grey, The River) and Dawn Olivieri (she plays Don Cheadle's ex-wife on Showtime's House Of Lies).

The film is said to be based on a true story about a recently paroled white supremacist who, "after killing a police officer, takes an African American family hostage."

Well then... color me interested, especially if Danny Glover is involved. I wonder what real-life case it's based on. I can't recall anything at the moment.

The film will be directed by Deon Taylor whose most recent and maybe most prominent work was the 2010 indie horror/thriller titled Chain Letter (didn't see it).

Principal photography is scheduled to start this month. 

No other casting has been announced, but I'm assuming Glover will likely play a member of the black family taken hostage - maybe the father or grandfather. Stay tuned...

By the way,. I should note that Deon Taylor is African American. I don't think we've covered him much here on S&A, but he's now officially on my filmmaker "watch list" as well as this film.

Doing a bit of research on him, I learned he's actually been quite busy, in both TV and film, quietly building a brand for himself withh Deon Taylor Enterprises.