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David Banner Enlists Ancestral Mythology In New Film 'Walking With Gods' (Short Shout!)

by Tambay A. Obenson
September 3, 2013 3:57 PM
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Courtesy of our friends at The Afrofuturist Affair comes a short film from rapper/actor David Banner, titled Walking with Gods, described as a live-action, superhero series about "a man whose godly powers are realized only when his inner being is balanced and he truly believes in the power within."

Deep. I dig the concept, tapping into our ancestral mythologies. But the execution could be a lot better.

Still, as I'm always on the hunt for material by and about artists of African descent that looks like it's pushing for something more than the usual and typical, I give a hat-tip to the effort.

It all begins when Aket Heru, son of a celestial king is cursed. Aket's jealous older brother, Liel, becomes aware that their father will ignore natural order and install Aket as king, upon his death. Angered, Liel invokes the evil spirit Setus. Setus fools Liel and destroys the family, but keeps Aket for entertainment. Aket's memory is erased and he is forced to travel through the ages not knowing his true God like power. Setus plays an evil game and Aket murders his girlfriend, Lisa. After the murder, Aket's true power awakens. Aket must now fight to restore his full power and break the curse. In order to do so, Aket now Alex Light, must believe in his godly power and embrace his true destiny.

Banner says that if you'd like to see more, you can donate at

It features the live action artwork by afrofuturistic illustrator John Jennings.

Watch below, split up into 4 parts:

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  • other song | September 4, 2013 3:40 PMReply

    not bad.

  • CareyCarey | September 3, 2013 7:46 PMReply

    Tambay, why did you do that?! I mean, I am reminded of Trish Regan's comments prior to enterviewing Spike Lee on Bloomberg TV. Certainly we all remember that "setup" and the brouhaha it created, don't we?

    Well, for those who didn't catch it or have a slight memory loss, while Spike was being introduced by Ms. Regan, he interrupted the TV host, vehemently objecting to the angle of her opening.

    Now I question Tambay's opening backhand dig at David Banner's Walking with Gods.

    What, don't tell me some of you didn't catch it? Well, generally Tambay presents most shorts without "suggestions". You know, like his weekly Netflex posts, he simply present them for our consideration, but they are not necessarily "suggestions" one way or another. But his commentary in this post included this--> In reference to the protagonist's godly powers, Tambay said "Deep. I dig the concept, tapping into our ancestral mythologies. But the execution could be a lot better."

    Hmmmm... I dig the digs (no pun intended) in that comment, but maybe it's just me, huh? Well, if I have to disclose the hidden details of that backhanded compliment, I'd in essence be moving his message, so I'm on mute. But Tambay, as Spike said, "woe-woe-woe, why'd you open like that?"

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