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David E. Talbert's "What My Husband Doesn't Know" Coming to DVD

by Sergio
November 21, 2011 4:00 PM
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I always have this feeling that David E. Talbert is always kicking himself or banging his head against the wall.

I mean, after all, he'd been out there since the early 90's writing, staging and producing his own stage plays targeted towards the urban black aduience long before Tyler Perry, and being very succesful and very rich from it. He's got to be thinking to himself if I'd just gotten into films earlier, I would have been the King of Black Hollywood right now. Alas!

And Talbert's first feature, the 2008 First Sunday, I thought was a really funny, very well put together film. In fact I thought that Talbert displayed a genuine understanding and knowledge of the craft of filmaking more so than TP has shown in any of his films. In fact, when I met Talbert, around when his film came out, he told me that his greatest inspirations were the comedy films of John Landis such as Animal House and Coming to America. He said he loved the dark, toned down visual look of his films, and how he made his comedies look like dramas. Sounds like a guy who loves movies.

All this anyway is just a long introduction to say that Talbert's latest hit play, What My Husband Doesn't Know with Brian White (who replaced Morris Chestnut during the run of the play), Michelle Williams and Clifton Davis will  be coming on on DVD through Image Entertainment in Feb 2012.

I still though would like to see him direct some more features. The guy's got the chops.

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  • Idol-Maker | November 21, 2011 9:03 PMReply

    The greatest thing about TP's story is how inspirational his success has to be for those who look beyond his limitations as a filmmaker. Dude has tapped into a market many learned filmmakers would never have considered. Plus he basically created a superhero franchise through the guise of a trickster black grandmother. I'm not his target audience, nor do I get much out of his work personally, but I can't knock the hustle.

    I feel the same way about Jay-Z. I can't, for the life of me, understand why he ascended to hip-hop's "chosen one" status over more talented and thematically gifted MCs of the past and present, other than folks just loving to throw their support behind a winner.

    I've never gotten much from his music/lyrics, but like TP, his business acumen is inspiring. That's his gift I celebrate, while divorcing myself from any conversation regarding his artistic worth. That part I don't get and likely never will.

    With that said/written, it'd be nice to see David Talbert become a media mogul & direct more and even produce other filmmakers' work.

  • Kepingitreal | November 21, 2011 5:10 PMReply

    Serigio is addicted to Tyler Perry's name.

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