David Oyelowo

A project whose Kickstarter campaign we featured on this site in 2011, looks to be getting back on track, but with what looks like a fresh team behind the camera, as well as a new cast.

When we first mentioned it 3 years ago, producer Nekisa Cooper (Pariah) and cinematographer Bradford Young (Mississippi DamnedRestless CityMother Of GeorgeMiddle of Nowhere) were both attached to the project, written and to be directed by Maris Curran.

Curran is still the writer and director of the film - titled Five Nights in Maine - but Carly Hugo and Matt Parker are now listed as producers, alongside Curran and David Oyelowo’s Yoruba Saxon Productions

Oyelowo will also star in the film, which follows a widower who has to confront his estranged mother-in-law in rural Maine, after an unexpected tragedy (his wife, her daughter) brings them together.

Dianne Wiest will play the estranged mother-in-law, with Rosie PerezTeyonah Parris, Stephen Henderson, and Hani Furstenberg rounding out the cast.

Five Nights in Maine was an IFP 2011 Project Forum selection, and also received support the San Francisco Film Society/Kenneth Rainin Foundation, and Cinereach.

Here's the Kickstarter video pitch from 2011, featuring the creatives (who were involved at the time, and who certainly still could be, but I have no confirmation of that) sharing their attraction to the project: