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Denzel Washington Looks Mean With Gold-Capped Teeth In First Images From '2 Guns'

by Tambay A. Obenson
June 29, 2012 10:11 AM
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Here's your first (unofficial) look at Denzel Washington in what will be his next film after Flight (out later this year), titled 2 Guns

Denzel stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in a film adaptation of Steven Grant's graphic novel published by Boom! Studios, with Baltasar Kormakur (who directed Wahlberg in Contraband) directing the project, which centers on a DEA agent and an undercover naval intelligence officer who unwittingly investigate each other as each steals mob money, but eventually learn that they are actually both being set up by the mob to steal $50 million from the CIA.

Denzel plays "Trench," the DEA Agent.

Paula Patton co-stars, playing Denzel's love interest in the movie.

These photos are courtesy of Pacific Coast News, and were taken on set in New Orleans.

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  • joey | July 17, 2012 1:52 PMReply

    this movie is being flimed by my house

  • ALM | July 5, 2012 10:40 PMReply

    I liked him with Paula before, but now they have him looking like an old greasy pimp (for this character). I don't realistically see Paula being with the Bishop Don Juan version of Denzel Washington.

  • Adam Scott Thompson | July 4, 2012 7:40 PMReply

    Denzel should host SNL and do a sketch about opening a school where he teaches white actors how to deliver "Denzelian" performances. You're welcome, Chris Pine!

  • urbanauteur | July 2, 2012 12:44 PMReply

    Ok let me get this right, an accomplish aging black actor 'fortifies' yet another young white upstart? i mean, do we really want this? or do we need this?..nevermind i already know the answer.

  • Akimbo | July 3, 2012 7:00 PM

    I accept your concession.

  • urbanauteur | July 3, 2012 6:08 PM

    @AKIMBO, let me just leave you with a trail of bread crumbs, in the meantime, i proably will google how to "jettison" foolishness such as your's..

    AVAST _ now that's a fitting handle;-)

  • Akimbo | July 3, 2012 4:54 PM

    So, instead of responding to the actual point of discussion, you opt to reveal that you stupidly believed my handle had something to do with Asian culture? Is that where "haiku bullshit," "kimono," and the "cultural" comments are coming from? If YOU actually read from time to time, you'd already be familiar with the expression "arms akimbo." The time you spent googling the word could have gone towards looking up Mark Wahlberg...or maybe you already did and discovered how wrong you were. Lashing out because you have nothing to say and embarrassing yourself once more. "UrbanAuteur" is clearly not a fitting name for you.

  • urbanauteur | July 3, 2012 3:56 PM

    @AKIMBO [] in or out into a position in which the hands are on the hips and the elbows are bowed outward...huuum?, igorance is surely bliss, so our we culturally dysfunctional? or culturally in denial?... Faux Japanese,please! ...turn in your KIMONO and QUIT trying to "dis" my DASHIKI, and PLEASE hi-jack a B-O-O-K!...
    p/s .. i was right the first time... alot of Haiku Bullshit.

  • Akimbo | July 3, 2012 1:22 PM

    It's not that I'm anti-intellectual, it's that you're NOT intellectual. Stringing together big words into barely parsable sentences doesn't make you look or seem smart, especially when you CONTINUE to misspell said words! Your responses have very little content, but a whole lot of jibber jabber about how you're better than me (because I disagree with you?). Maybe if you followed your own advice about reading, you'd have a better handle on the language and wouldn't be embarrassing yourself right now. Like him or not, Mark Wahlberg is a bonafide star: he headlines studio movies that do good business, he produces high-profile and prestigious projects, and he has been a leading man for almost 15 years now. I'm not going to do homework for you because you can check out his IMDb and easily see these facts for yourself. All of this back and forth just to say that starring opposite Mark Wahlberg is not a "step down" for Denzel like starring opposite weak-ass Ryan Reynolds, or mentoring Chris Pine were. Be real: your issue is that the guy's white. If it had been Denzel opposite Anthony Mackie (who is nowhere close to D's star level), you wouldn't have anything to say...well, not that you have anything to say now, but you'd certainly be typing a lot less.

  • urbanauteur | July 3, 2012 12:45 PM

    @AKIMBO, WHATEVER MY MISGIVINGS(oop's mispellings) OR SHORTCOMINGS MAY BE, at least i know enough to dismantle whatever bombastic declamation your mis-informed persons already exposed, i dont deal in EMOTIONAL HARANGUES , just facts!( i advise you to really STUDY before you indict my so-call inaccuracies-where's your rebuttal?, was it just bellyaching?, come on, quit relying on Gut Responces, by all means, do the neccesary research/studying, i want feed you no more sage advice, especially in light of your blatant anti-intellectualism in your rabid pronoucements, its bigger fish to fry than playing in a sandbox with..wha you say? a kidder...?... tell u what , when i have something NONGERMAINE to submit you'll be the 3rd in line...and oh? by the way , there's 2 people before you and i am not kidding...;-)
    Reading is funda[mental]....

  • Akimbo | July 2, 2012 9:00 PM

    Declaring that what you're saying is intelligent doesn't make it so. Examining the whole text reveals flagrant misspellings, factual inaccuracies, and incoherent statements. "Disquishing," really? Mark Wahlberg ascending? He's already arrived. Denzel descending? Physically, maybe. The rest? Makes no sense. Stop kidding yourself.

  • urbanauteur | July 2, 2012 8:49 PM

    Are we discombobulated?, we need to stop making creative excuses for reactionary banter or engaging in overwrought musings, as to why we DONT READ, i propose examining the WHOLE text.. then one can scrape off the pile of stinky was,stinky is.. right? enuf Brain Food for Thought ... before one make a waste.

  • Akimbo | July 2, 2012 8:35 PM

    And mistaking a pile of crap for deep waters can break your neck...and make you stinky.

  • urbanauteur | July 2, 2012 8:20 PM


  • Akimbo | July 2, 2012 8:10 PM

    No clue what we're talking. You stopped making sense.

  • urbanauteur | July 2, 2012 7:58 PM

    @NO AKIMBO, what we talkin here? Egos or Scar Tissue???...its not a either/or situation, when it comes to disquishing between Star power or push/pull as far as Marky Mark's ascention or Denzil Washigton's disminishing returns, afterall, its all about the benjamins right?,i would posit my arguement with Hollywhite's insidious Machavallian Myth/Pathos that tend to entice one's film taste/perference..but i would'nt call it a crap project,oh no, i would just call it Haiku bullshit .

  • Akimbo | July 2, 2012 6:29 PM

    Then I guess it's retrograde for Wahlberg, too? And so was Ocean's Eleven (and the subsequent sequels) for most of the cast? And The Departed for most of the cast? Pairing up with or starring in an ensemble piece neither diminishes nor takes away from your star power...unless it's a crap project.

  • URBANAUTEUR | July 2, 2012 4:01 PM

    @AKIMBO, in a word...RETROGRADE.

  • Akimbo | July 2, 2012 1:00 PM

    How on earth is Mark Wahlberg an upstart? Because he's younger than Denzel? If he does a movie with Brad Pitt, am I supposed to be mad at that, too? From the description alone, it sounds like two actors going head-to-head a la Face Off or Spy Vs. Spy.

  • Gigi Young | June 29, 2012 5:09 PMReply

    Lol...why do Denzel's roles always deal with extremes? He's either upstanding, inspiring, and tough or he's a grizzled thug. And why is he considered OOC--or "stretching" himself as an actor--when he plays these thugs? Seems to me that the great Denzel, whom everyone holds up as one of the few A-List black actors who play any role, is really just as typecast as Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Kae | June 29, 2012 1:37 PMReply

    Denzel got that old man swag. He just really doesn't want to be the pretty boy anymore.

  • LadyJ | July 2, 2012 9:44 AM

    Denzel is like fine wine, he gets better as he ages!!

  • troy | June 29, 2012 12:24 PMReply

    Whats up with Denzel and Paula in New Orleans, seems like Im experiencing deja vu.

  • david | June 29, 2012 2:32 PM


  • Dankwa Brooks | June 29, 2012 1:20 PM

    LOL #POW

  • Monique A. Williams | June 29, 2012 11:51 AMReply

    Story sounds kinda wack, and the fact that the extremely untalented Mark Wahlberg is in it doesn't help. Sorry Denzel.

  • Traci R. | June 29, 2012 4:48 PM

    What?! I love Marky Mark...I think he holds it down. Not Oscar-award winning but his swag kinda mean too. I think that's a great pairing. I love anything D does so I'm kinda a stan. :/

  • STEEVE COLV | June 29, 2012 10:45 AMReply

    Cool pics. I'd watch anything with Denzel Washington in it.

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