Denzel B-ball

I was just reading THIS New York Post article highlighting NBA games that occured over the weekend and came across this sentence buried within it:

Still, Denzel loves to hoop and loves to talk about it; the Mount Vernon product is narrator of the soon-to-be released documentary about all the great players to come from that area — Gus and Ray Williams, Rodney and Scooter McCray, Ben Gordon, Lowes Moore, Earl Tatum, etc.

The Denzel mentioned here is of course Denzel Washington. I'm not aware of any upcoming basketball documentary on the retired players mentioned, and a Google search didn't reveal anything.

So I emailed the writer of the NY Post piece (Peter Vecsey) and asked for anything further he can share on the doc, but I haven't received a reply yet. Once I do, and if it reveals anything further, I'll share here.

But I'll say that Denzel narrating a B-ball documentary should be no surprise; he loves the game, and played in college (his freshman year at Fordham University before deciding to pursue acting). He also starred in Spike Lee's father-son sports drama He Got Game.

If anyone has any info on this project, do share.