Paramount has set the wide release date for Flight for November 22012. Although, as we've noted, the film is scheduled to screen at a handful of film festivals before then. 

I'm actually seeing it this Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it. The cast and crew are supposed to be present for a post-screening Q&A, which is always an extra attraction.

Denzel Washington starz in the action drama, directed by Robert Zemeckis, which centers on an alcoholic and drug-addicted pilot, on course towards a life-change who saves a flight from an engine malfunction, rescuing the plane and the passengers, and becoming a hero, only to find his non-public substance abuse problem, brought to light, thanks to an FAA investigation into the case.

Naturally, lots of drama ensues... 

I haven't read a single early review yet, so the film's awards season strength is still unknown. I'll find out this Sunday.

By the way, Don Cheadle and Garcelle Beauvais amongst many others, co-star.

Hitflix has the exclusive on the film's poster, which is embedded below (trailer underneath):