I'm In Love With a Church Girl

There are so many independent black films being made that for us to cover that, occasionally, one slips through the cracks - like I’m In Love With A Church Girl starring Jeff Atkins (AKA Ja Rule) and Adrienne Bailon.

No need to tell you what the premise of the film is about, since the title and trailer below pretty much does the job; but the film actually opened this past Friday in theaters (not anywhere near me for sure) and we are only now writing about it (although Tambay did quickly mention it in passing in his overview of black films opening this month, earlier this week).

Suffice it to say that the $3 million dollar production - the first feature film directed by Steve Race (who has a number of stand up comedy specials to his credit) from a script written by Galley Molina (who executive produced those comedy specials directed by Race) - sort of slipped under the radar.

So if anyone saw it this weekend, can you tell us what you thought of it?

Here’s the trailer: