House Party 5

Well it is, but it isn’t.

We have to admit that this one sort of slipped by us, but, last week, House Party 5: Tonight’s The Night came out - straight to DVD, of course, on Warner Home Video.

Now, wouldn’t it have been fantastic and really interesting if the film had been a tragicomedy about the now middle-aged and divorced Kid ‘n Play trying to find their purpose in life, and explore a new path now that their youthful indiscretions are well past them?

But no such luck...

What House Party 5 is instead, is a sort of Step-Up movie ripoff, with two bland interracial leads, though Kid ‘n Play, as you can see from the image and trailer below, do make a cameo appearance.

But from what I understand, it’s actually at the very end of the film, and is more of an inside joke. So the trailer spoils the final joke in the film. Perfect.

Also interesting, the film was directed by Darin Scott, who produced several films such as Charles Burnett’s To Sleep with Anger, Menace II Society and Fear of the Black Hat, and was written by Don Scott, who wrote Barbershop I and II.

Hey, in the film business, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.