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Discovery Communications Denies Reports It May Dump OWN

by Sergio
March 23, 2012 8:38 AM
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Eariler this week in USA Today, Fox Business and some other media sources were reporting that analyst Derek Baine of the research and investment firm SNL Lagan that Discovery Communications was reeling from a $143 million loss due to the sluggish performance of the Oprah Winfrey Network and suggested that it was possible that DC could dump OWN entirely.

Baine added that DC has invested so far $312 million in OWN and "that advertisers may tire of playing the waiting game for shows to catch an audience" and that "without a significant ratings boost by year's end this could be Oprah Winfrey's last chapter in the cable network industry".

However Discovery Communications has fired back saying that Baine's report is "riddled with inaccuracies and bad information". They also said that "the venture is on more solid ground with more momentum than ever before and we're looking to the long-term value we are bulding'"

Given all the money and media hype it's very unlikely at this time that Discovery Communications will dump OWN, but no doubt Oprah must be under tremendous pressure to get the network on more soild ground ratings wise.

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  • Ava | March 24, 2012 9:50 AMReply

    I still think that Oprah should dump terrestrial programming, revamp her channel as an online ad supported channel. Partner up with Google Channel, Yahoo or some such entity. For goodness sake, if Larry King, of all people, can find the nerve to enter into a partnership with Carlos Slim for an online TV network, why couldn't she have done this??
    Oprah had the chance to be the television landscape trailblazer that she once was. Unfortunately, she chose the traditional model which quite frankly is only decreasing in popularity, especially in the age group under thirty and increasingly under 40 age group. That she should be out-innovated by Larry King is a crying shame.

  • Mark | March 23, 2012 12:12 PMReply

    I bet Oprah really regrets not picking up ABC's soaps. And given the horrific ratings the shows that replaced ABC's soap have achieved, ABC probably wishes it kept those same shows.

    Oprah needs to air some scripted drama. OWN is not a basic channel. It's a digital channel. What content on that network would make anyone seek it out? Other than Oprah's interviews, can anyone think of a single show on the network that has any kind of recognition??

  • Ash | March 23, 2012 11:53 AMReply

    If O had a reality show about her own (no pun intended) life, people would watch. For example, what the hell is Stedman doing these days?

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