Homecoming Documentary

Directed by Noa Maiman and Oma Ben Dor, the Israeli documentary Homecoming, will premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival at the end of this month. The documentary tells the story of three teenagers, who are children of foreign workers, and were born and raised in Israel, essentially Israelis, and their journey to their parents' homelands in search of their roots.

Here's the full synopsis:

As the State of Israel is about to deport foreign workers and their children – this film is a timely exploration of a complex political and personal situation. Where does identity come from? And what makes you connected to your homeland? HOMECOMING takes us on a moving journey with three teenagers who were born in Israel to foreign workers who came to Israel in search of a better life. These kids are not Jewish, but are deeply Israeli – and their individual journeys take on cultural and emotional dimensions. We travel with them to the Congo, to Peru and to the Philippines as they examine their roots and contemplate their future.

Watch the film trailer below: