Damn! Talk about being raised from the dead. Finally... after how many years, this baby will finally be released. What's the point now, really?

Anyway... I came across the following on Deadline minutes ago...

Paramount said today that it will release DreamWorks' Eddie Murphy starrer A Thousand Words on Jan. 13, 2012. The comedic drama -- directed by Brian Robbins, who previously teamed with Murphy on Meet Dave and Norbit -- had been sitting around awhile.

What's A Thousand Words about again? In the film, Murphy plays a busy, high-powered literary agent who doesn't spend enough time with his wife (played by Kerry Washington) and son, discovers that he only has a thousand more words to speak before he dies.

Sounds high-concept enough, right?

I wonder what the heck happened? What was the deal? That January 13th release date certainly doesn't inspire much confidence in me... not like I had much before, after almost 3 years in limbo, which is generally not a very good sign.

So this means we should see a trailer very soon then right? Can't wait! Ok, I'm lying :)