19. Inheritors by Chidi Ozieh. Synopsis: A live action adaptation of Robert Garrett's successful comic book of the same name. The movie is produced by Rubic House LLC & Xmoor studios and is directed by Chidi Ozieh. The story follows a highly decorated undercover detective Jude Jefferson who is on a personal mission to apprehend a serial killer who also happens to be the mayor's son. Unknown to him, this encounter will become a defining moment of his life. 

20. The Last Summer (a silent film) by Sam Afua Kessie. Synopsis: The end of summer is near. BEVERLY and SOPHIA, (both 16), have been best friends since third grade. Skipping the last day in camp, they run through fields without a care in the world, a final sense of freedom before all their dreams come to a bitter end. Their plan of going to the same university is crushed when Sophia is rejected from the University of Creative Arts and Sciences, but Beverly is accepted with a full scholarship. Before they get a chance to express final words and feelings, they are drawn to a mysterious charm bracelet, which leads them down a dark path and puts their friendship to the test.

21. Dark Matters by Monique Walton. Synopsis: Dark Matters tells the story of a girl coming to terms with her identity through an obsession with alien abduction and UFO sightings. While working at her day job, Curshauna meets a customer who makes her question her ethnic, cultural, and maybe even planetary origins.

22. Minutes To Midnite by Ryan Khan. Synopsis: A B-movie, noir, fantasy, crime drama unfolds when ruthless Trinidadian gang member, Snake, kills his leader, Mr. Tiger. Shortly afterwards, Snake receives a message that someone named Anansi Spider is going to "take care of him." Following a near-death experience at the hands of a wicked woman, Snake receives a call from Anansi Spider, warning him that his life is in danger. Snake grapples with whether or not to trust this mysterious man, and, ultimately, makes a deadly decision.

23. The Angels' Playground by Zernul Shackelford. Synopsis: The line between good and evil becomes blurred as a young girl is interrogated about the mysterious death of her father, an Ordained Priest. However, the motives of the persons who have her in custody are as unclear and mysterious as the death itself.

24. Villains by Lawrence Lee Wallace. Synopsis: Villains is an 8 episode Sci-Fi story set in a halfway house for people with various addictions, gambling, sex, drugs, ect. "Big Guy" is brought in as a John Doe; he is disoriented, does not remember who he is or where he comes from and is withdrawn and paranoid. Later he discovers skills he can’t explain, fighting and weapons skills and then ultimately a mysterious supernatural power. "BG" becomes closer to Ana, Jimmy and Phil the other patients at the halfway house and together they go on a journey to help him in finding out who he is and where his amazing and deadly powers come from, in return he protects them from different enemies This mystery produces and draws other supernatural beings to the halfway house making this an exciting, dramatic and sometimes funny experience.

25. Chains, directed by Sharon Lewis. Synopsis: Chain, with the support of her lover Fric the water carrier, grows a flower in her barren underground community of Arete. Before anyone is allowed to see this miracle, they are charged with the crime of “wasting” precious water, punishable by Judicial Suicide.  Munk who oversees the roulette type punishment is shocked to find out that water was not used to grow the flower and in the end comes to believe that perhaps miracles do exist for those who live below.  Maybe their place in the chain of humanity is equal to those who live above.

26. Anneo’s Song from writer/producer Said Yenga Kakese Dibinga and director Tim Russ. Synopsis: Two bounty hunters chase a fugitive unaware that the fugitive is being set up by a hybrid name Anneo to be lunch for young Lycaons (werewolves).

27. Hag of Champagnolle Creek by Rhemona Moore. Synopsis: A Hag returns to Champagnolle Creek, Arkansas. A long forgotten superstition about sweeping after dark leaves unsuspecting locals subject to the Hag's night terrors. The first victim is a local blues singer, Uncle Hub.

28. Strain by Dalila Kee. Synopsis: Julia and Eric wake up to the usual issues of their strained relationship. They have no idea of the bigger problems that they will soon face.