Riding Dirty

Here's episode 1 of writer/director Nzingha Stewart's new web series starring Gabrielle Union, titled Riding Dirty with Officer Turner, that is housed on Shaquille O'Neal's Comedy Shaq Network on YouTube.

Here's a description:

Gaybrielle Turner (played by Gabrielle Union) is an overzealous traffic cop without a clue, who gets off (literally) by pulling over random people for no reason - just because she's bored, horny or both. Each of the traffic stops revealing surprising, over the top and hilarious results. In the vain of the show "Cops" meets "Reno 911" this new broad show for the Comedy Shaq Network is sure to throw the book at funny.

We showed you the trailer late last week; episode 1 (titled Bitch I Don't Like Crime) debuted yesterday, and is embedded below, so check it out: