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courtesy of Project Catalyst/Artel Great

A few months back we announced the launch of Project Catalyst, an innovative transmedia organization, that expands the possibilities for diversity in cinema through its convergence with new technology, community building, and the visual art world via content created by filmmakers and artists of color.

Now we have an exciting update aimed specifically at all you filmmakers.

Through fresh film and media distribution strategies, Project Catalyst is reaching out to artistically underserved populations across multiple platforms, and providing audiences with an increased variety of films and artwork that better reflects diverse communities.

Spearheaded by filmmaker, media scholar, and Independent Spirit Award nominee, Artel Great, Project Catalyst is the linchpin of his work as the 2014 recipient of the NYU Tisch Cinema Research Institute fellowship for film innovation.  

This summer will see the launch of the Project Catalyst app and the fall will mark the unveiling of their Film & Culture College Exhibition on university campuses across the United States.  And their inaugural Cinema Celebration will take place in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles in November 2014. This signature event will showcase visual culture and feature films created by and for communities outside the Hollywood mainstream as a long overdue celebration of diverse experiences.

Official submissions are now open for feature films to participate in the Cinema Celebration. Submissions for short films are also open for inclusion in the Project Catalyst app and the Film & Culture College Exhibition.  The app in particular will feature a variety of rotating media content as an opportunity for many filmmakers to expand the life of their films and reach broader audiences.  

Only films with limited public screenings, completed no earlier than 2012, will be considered.  Filmmakers must be from: Black, Latina/o, Asian-American, or Native-American backgrounds in order to be eligible for participation.

The official deadline for submissions is Friday, August 1st at 11:59pm (EST).  Submissions are at no cost and a maximum of three films may be sent.  For more details and the application go to:

Additional announcements about Project Catalyst, including their monthly artist spotlight “What’s Your Story?” can be found regularly on their Facebook page: