Wole Soyinka

It's titled A Name Is More Than The Tyranny Of Taste, and was delivered by Wole Soyinka - the Nigerian writer, notable especially as a playwright and poet who was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature. 

The address was delivered at the CODESRIA Guild of African Filmmakers FESPACO workshop on titled Pan-Africanism: Adapting African Stories/Histories from Text to Screen.

In it, Soyinka touches on so much that we've discussed here on S&A (from Django Unchained, to Nollywood cinema, to the works of Ousmane Sembene, to even Big Brother Africa, Blaxploitation, film industries co-opting the name "Hollywood" to name their own industries - like Nollywood, Dollywood, Hillywood, et al, and much more), and of course it's saturated with his insightful commentary and words of wisdom, for a truly Pan-Africanist speech, covering cinema matters - past, present and future - of the African Diaspora.

I say it's epic in part because it's beefy, and is also 13 pages long! So read at your leisure.

To download it in PDF format, click HERE to do so.