Still From Andy Okoroafor's RELENTLESS
Still From Andy Okoroafor's RELENTLESS

The 2013/9th annual New African Films Festival will take place from March 7–12, hosted by AFI Silver Theater & Cultural Center, in Silver Spring, MD, co-presented by AFI, TransAfrica and afrikafé.

This year's lineup includes several acclaimed S&A highlights that you'll be familiar with, like Alain Gomis' Tey, Tosh Gitonga's Nairobi Half Life, Andy Okoroafor's Relentless, Sara Blecher's, Kim Nguyen's War Witch, Saïd Ould-Khelifa's Zabana! and others.

I'll return to highlight those few films in this year's lineup that haven't been profiled on S&A.

In the meantime, head over to the festival's web page HERE for the full listing, as well as exact days, screening times, and ticket purchasing information.

The AFI Silver Theater & Cultural Center is location at 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD.