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First-Look At Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix In "All Is By My Side"

by Tambay A. Obenson
May 28, 2012 1:57 PM
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Well, it looks like the statement released by Experience Hendrix, LLC. 2 weeks ago, on the Andre 3000 Jimi Hendrix project that many of you have been excited about, hasn't stalled the film's production, as you can see from the pics within this post.

First, a quick recap... the rapper/actor is indeed starring as Jimi Hendrix in a new movie that has already begun filming in Ireland, titled All Is By My Side, which will follow Hendrix’s years in England, from 1966 to 1967, when he put together his debut album, Are You Experienced.

The feature film is written and directed by John Ridley (primarily a screenwriter; this will be his second feature film directorial effort). 

The shoot will last six weeks in total.

Soon after that official confirmation a few weeks ago, representatives of Jimi Hendrix's estate weighed in on plans for Andre 3000's upcoming biopic of the guitar legend, accusing the filmmakers of moving forward with the project without their official permission, specifically, that the producers do not have the right to use any of the musician's songs. 

Experience Hendrix, LLC released the following statement to the press:

"Various media outlets have recently published accounts that indicate a feature-length Jimi Hendrix biographical film is nearing production. Experience Hendrix, LLC, the family-owned company entrusted with safeguarding the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and administrator of the Jimi Hendrix music and publishing catalogue, has made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation. "Experience Hendrix CEO Janie Hendrix, sister of Jimi Hendrix, and the EH board have not ruled out a 'biopic' in the future though producing partners would, out of necessity, have to involve the company from the inception of any such film project if it is to include original Jimi Hendrix music or compositions."

So does the Andre 3000 project does not plan on using any of Hendrix's music? Although I don't see how that would happen, given that the film's focus will center on the making of Hendrix's first album, so it kinda has to include some of his music, doesn't it? 

Maybe both sides are currently working out a mutually-acceptable deal. 

Or maybe not, and the finished film just won't include any of Hendrix's original music. 

We'll see..

In the meantime, check out the photos (courtesy of Gigwise) of Andre as Jimi (above and below):

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  • simon george | November 14, 2012 6:59 PMReply

    Jimi will always be the best. I think what he did for guitar is similar to what Jordan did for basketball. There are many other amazing guitarist;however, there will never be another jimi. Great post keep up the hard work. Check these out IStillGotMyGuitar.

  • Mick | September 22, 2012 11:49 PMReply

    They could not have picked a more perfect dude. But I guarantee this film WILL suck if the Hendrix estate does not allow rights to Jimi's original music. They'll end up using horrible stock music like the last Hendrix film, it was extremely cheesy and looked like it was shot with a handy cam.

  • Rylee | June 29, 2012 10:43 AMReply

    Okay, I think he is a perfect choice. I think this will be a great movie and while Andre might not play left handed or look exactly like Jimi, there is only on Jimi Hendrix and I think Andre is as close as they could get. This movie sounds great to me! And I'm just glad they're going to finally make a good movie about Jimi Hendrix.

  • dziriate | June 4, 2012 1:19 AMReply

    Nothing good can come of this. I'm hard pressed to work it out with anything 3 stacks is part of these days. Stop the madness.

  • anon | June 1, 2012 11:19 AMReply

    he looks like a pimp and this movie looks horrific!

  • Ilya | May 31, 2012 11:10 PMReply

    3 Stacks was always my personal choice to play Jimi, even though there is virtually no resemblance and Andre doesn't play left-handed. He has that same eclectic nature that Jimi possessed, which should give him more insight into portraying him than a few others who may look the part.

    With that said, music from Jimi equals no movie as far as I'm concerned. Might as well make this about a fictional character from the same period and compose similar, original songs than try to sell this as a biopic about Hendrix.
    I've always held in my mind that Janie Hendrix isn't going to approve the use of any of the original songs without the following:

    1. Big-name director(Scorsese, Oliver Stone, etc.) with major studio backing. I would be inclined to agree with her on this area, as Jimi's life was certainly worthy of a big-budget extravaganza to match his persona. We are talking about the most influential guitarist in history. I love Indie cinema, but this man is so much bigger than that.

    2. An actor that shares Jimi's lack of melanin. I recall reading something quite a few years ago that I believe was attributed to a Hendrix family member, that spoke of how most people were unaware that Jimi was very fair-skinned, as is his brother, Leon. Seeing that most of his blood relatives are fair-skinned, as well as his adopted sister, Janie...somehow, I think they'd rather see the part go to someone who looks more like Terrence Howard or Michael Ealy, rather than Wood Harris or Andre.

    3. Final say on what makes it into the film. Translation: Anything that shows Jimi as less than a saint will be abolished. Janie has always come across as a control freak, and black people have always abstained from wanting their 'dirty laundry' in the street. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are recent celebrity examples of their respective families down-playing their obvious
    shortcomings in favor of a more polished lasting image.
    If ever there was anyone that benefited from their drug use, it was Jimi Hendrix.

    Ultimately, there may never be a scenario that she deems worthy of bringing her step-brother to life onscreen. Looking at how poorly other high-profile biopics have done, financially and creatively(Will Smith as Ali)...she may have a very good point in limiting access to Jimi's music so far.

  • Keith | May 30, 2012 1:23 AMReply

    I never heard of Janie before, but I certainly heard of Jimi. Growing up a Midwestern guitar-dreaming young (and white) teenager, he was my hero, my idol. I was devastated, for the first time in my life, when he died. I hope she (Janie) realizes that his memory doesn't belong to her, but to all of us. While I dont think Andre looks so much like Jimi, he's still a great choice for all the other reasons people have cited.

    Let's make a great movie!

  • Brian | May 29, 2012 11:42 PMReply

    Janie Hendrix (half sister who met Jimi a couple of times as a child)markets Jimi like all the others who exploited him in his life.The producers can't use Jimi's performances so I have a suspicion they will use the songs(they can, all they have to do is pay publishing rights)and hire a band and some guitarists who can mimick Jimi ...while there will never be anouther like him, there are some very good guitarists out there that actually can mimic his playing pretty close. I'm guessing Janie wanted to control the script an re-write some of the 'unflatering" history she doesn't like(ie. drug use).

  • E | May 29, 2012 8:28 PMReply

    Andre 3000 is a SICK choice to play Jimi Hendrix... Work!

  • Lara Serbin | May 29, 2012 6:23 PMReply

    Leave Jimi alone...

  • | May 29, 2012 4:21 PMReply

    I think Andre 3000 will be the perfert Jimi Hendrix. Who else musically can pull this off. I'm very disappointed in the Hendrix estate. Andre 3000 is a musical genius. I hope they're able to come to some compromise so this film can come to light. I'll be waiting. Keep your head up Andre. Outkast Forever.

  • Kira | May 29, 2012 3:41 PMReply

    3000 will rock this! He is awesome!

  • mizknoitall | May 29, 2012 3:28 PMReply

    I think Andre will do just fine..He's wild but serioushen it comes to work!!! Do ya thang boy!!!!!

  • Dee | May 29, 2012 11:45 AMReply

    Can he act? Can he play the guitar (and play it upside down) convincingly? It's amazing what you don't notice when you're watching a great performance.

    Hoping that Ridley brings out the big guns writing wise on this. Would like to see something with teeth from him, something a little challenging.

  • rondmc | May 30, 2012 4:33 AM

    Andre allegedly played guitar on "Hey Ya", -but- He's not left-handed....

  • Peggy | May 28, 2012 11:12 PMReply

    Showtime did a movie about Hendrix a while back. It was written by his manager. They didn't have the rights to his music and the movie sucked. The movie actually would have sucked with the music.

  • BluTopaz | May 29, 2012 10:54 AM

    @ Peggy, I agree that movie was awful. Harris' weird vocal inflections were meant to sound like Jimi, but came off as a bad impersonation imo. I cannot imagine pulling off a film about a music legend without his actual music, this should be interesting.

  • Cyril | May 29, 2012 3:44 AM

    Peggy, Wood Harris played Hendrix in the Showtime version you're talking about. I think he nailed the character. Andre Benjamin is kinda too tall....

  • James Evans from the Cabrini-Green | May 28, 2012 6:42 PMReply

    Big fan of Ridley but Andre in that wig looks like Tyrone Biggums. Uh oh.

  • beastwork | May 29, 2012 12:41 AM

    Tyrone Biggums wears a red skully and most assuredly does not have an afro underneath it. Your comment is a FAIL.

  • born | May 28, 2012 3:38 PMReply

    Wasn't Jimi Hendrix of a white parent and a black parent? Seriously asking.

  • JMac | May 29, 2012 9:48 PM

    @Mark. In other words, he was a black man. I think we all know what that means except white people.

  • Mark | May 29, 2012 8:45 PM

    Hendrix was like most African-Americans, mixed-race: (from Wikipedia) Hendrix's ancestry was of mixed African American, European, and Native American origin. His paternal great grandfather was Bertran Philander Ross, a wealthy white grain dealer from Urbana, Ohio, who was of Irish, German, and English descent. Out of wedlock, Bertran Philander Ross and his slave Fanny Hendricks produced Jimi's paternal grandfather Ross Hendricks (Hendrix).[21] Jimi Hendrix was part Cherokee,[22] his paternal great-great grandmother being a Cherokee from Georgia.[23]

  • ActorsAgainstBS | May 28, 2012 4:43 PM

    @Born ... That's Slash from Gunz and Roses ... your getting ur rock stars mixed up. ;-)

  • Ash | May 28, 2012 4:34 PM

    Who cares? Andre and him look almost identical in facial features except Andre is like a couple shades darker. I wish him the best in playing him.

  • Logic | May 28, 2012 4:20 PM


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